We definitely haven't heard this tip before

Jason Merritt/Getty

You know that gorgeous, summertime glow that we are all dying to have — though it seems months away at this point? The kind of glow that Hilary Duff always seems to have, no matter where she is? We finally found out her secret to maintaining healthy, clear, radiant skin — and yes, it involves hydration, but there’s a little something extra.

“I drink a lot of water that has apple cider vinegar in that,” Duff told reporters Thursday at the iHeart Radio Music Awards in L.A. “And there’s a product that I love called Juno oil that I’m obsessed with. It’s by Sunday Riley and I wear it all the time. It’s so dry in LA. We need the moisture.”

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Despite the heat, the young mom arrived on the carpet wearing a short, black velvet dress by Maria Lucia Hohan and black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and she didn’t look like she was sweating it one bit. “It was the first dress I put on. That’s the truth,” Duff said. “I was like, ‘Wow. This is different for me! Velvet? It’s short. I’m not into it.’ I put like four things on after that and then I was like, ‘Let’s go back to the beginning.'” Looks like we’re not the only ones who go through a zillion outfit changes before walking out the door.

Duff loves to play with fashion, so we had to ask: What’s the key to making an outfit stand out? “It’s give and take — what you’re wearing and trying to balance it with your look and your make up,” she tells PEOPLE. “I love that you can just take on a different role. You can just put something on and all of a sudden you’ve morphed into something different. It brings out a tone in your personality and you get to play with that.”

What’s your favorite thing about fashion? Would you try drinking apple cider vinegar in your water to match her glow?

–Christina Dugan