Hilary Duff on Her 'Younger' Character's Style: 'Kelsey Is a Little More Sophisticated This Year'

Duff joins Younger's costume designers Patricia Field and Jackie Demeterio to talk about the show's fashion

Photo: Courtesy TV Land
Courtesy TV Land

We’ve already taken you inside the costume closet on the set of Younger, so you know just how fabulous the fashion is on the hit show. Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster are arguably some of the best dressed leading ladies on TV right now. And even if you haven’t seen them in action (what are you doing, start binging!), you’ve probably seen some eye-grabbing shots of the girls filming around New York City. Luckily, Duff is taking us inside the costume closet once again with the show’s fashion team, designers Jackie Demeterio and Patricia Field, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

In this particular clip, Duff and the style squad talk about an amazing Gucci jacket her character Kelsey Peters wore in a recent episode. While Duff wears the colorful topper with black pants in the show, she explains that a piece like this can really be worn with anything in your closet. Demetrio adds that she made sure this look was worn during a street scene, because she knew the paparazzi would also be snapping.

“It can go with something structured or something really casual,” she shares. “You could throw it on with cut-offs.” “Even sweatpants,” Demeterio adds of the look. “It’s just a good statement piece and the color is sort of unexpected.”

One thing the designers do exceptionally well is adding those pops of color into nearly every outfit, showing creative ways to style similar pieces you might already own. “I love that the show uses a lot of color,” Duff says. “Liza [Sutton Foster’s character] wears a lot of mismatched prints…her style is a little more funky. I think Kelsey is a little more sophisticated this year, but still color, and still bright.”

Courtesy TV Land

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And when you have NYC as your main backdrop, really anything goes, and both Demeterio and Field have fun playing with it all. “Adding that color is great to pop with the gritty background [of NYC],” Demeterio explains. “Yeah I think adding a color to the New York palette adds a creative dimension,” Field concludes.

Be sure to tune in to Younger Wednesday nights at 10 PM on TV Land for all the style — and scandal. (You won’t regret it).

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