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August 17, 2017 02:16 PM

Calling Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff’s character on Younger) a modern-day superhero wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. The power woman slays at work daily — she closes book deals, runs her own imprint and even scores the occasional J.K. Rowling retweet. And of course, she does all of this while looking completely chic and put-together, all the way down to her lipstick shade. Of course, being a TV character and all, she has an important secret weapon: a killer costume team. In the latest behind-the-scenes video below, Duff talks with designers Jackie Demeterio and Patricia Field on how the looks from the latest episodes have a certain fantasy-like quality to them.

“I feel like this season has been a lot of jumpsuits and kind of superhero-feeling things,” Duff shares. She’s right — there’s a bold, bright red ensemble and a black and white jumpsuit with sleeves that resemble a cape. “The red monochromatic off the shoulder Gabriela Hearst bodysuit with the matching trouser … was so beautiful on her,” Demeterio explains. “This tone-on-tone look this season is really hot and it’s trending everywhere.”

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When you’re dressing people for TV, picking out a nice outfit is just the beginning. You also have to think about how much of the clothing will actually appear on screen. “We wanted the camera and the audience to see the entire outfit,” Demeterio says. “She goes to a lot of different places in this particular look so the audience can see from head-to-toe. We’re very selective of where we place these outfits because we have to make sure that they’re seen. [We ask ourselves] ‘Where is she going in this? Is she going on a date? Is she feeling sexy in this?’ It’s all a part of the character. That’s our job, to create this storytelling through the wardrobe.”

Courtesy TVLand

And regarding that black-and-white jumpsuit, Demeterio has a good reason for choosing it for Kelsey’s hot date at a cigar bar. “Here she is with all these masculine-feeling men… she has her sort-of pantsuit on but it’s still sexy because it has the cutout on the arm. You see skin and I just kind of pictured her sitting there smoking a cigar in this jumpsuit.”

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