See the star's new ink
Credit: Hillary Duff/Instagram

Hilary Duff is enjoying staying Younger.

The actress is celebrating the last year of her 20s (she just turned 29!) by adding a brand-new tattoo to her growing body art collection.

The 29-year-old stopped by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo‘s shop for a permanent floral art addition on Tuesday evening, and then gave fans a sneak peek of the action on Instagram.

“Had a good hang with @_dr_woo_ yesterday and I’m loving my rose ?❤️❤️✌?️✌?️,” she captioned the action shot.

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A mere hour later, Duff showed off her new ink — a gray-shaded, two-bloom rosebud — on her the back of her arm. It’s one of the many minimalist designs the tattoo artist has become known for, not to mention one of many tattoos Duff has on her bod.

The actress’ new work of art comes days after ringing in the last year of her 20s, which, admittedly, she’s got some qualms about.

“[Co-star Molly Bernard] and I had this big talk about being in our 20s and we’re like, ‘This is still so f–king hard,” she candidly revealed to PeopleStyle in a recent interview. “We both have good jobs. I have like a child. You know I’ve got it figured out enough to where I can keep a human alive and on a good track, but over lots of glasses of wine, we were like, ‘It’s still so hard, and this stress that we put on ourselves, like are we doing enough? Are we good enough? Where are we gonna be?’ I think those are all stresses you have in your twenties.”

And although the star says she does feel younger than her age (“25 or 26”, to be exact), Duff admits she’s still concerned about getting older. (Maybe she should take some cues from these stars, who say life gets better at 40!)

“I’m just scared, 30 is like 10 years away from 40 and like it goes so fast,” she told PeopleStyle. “It’s gonna be Christmas before we know it. That’s what scares me — time, not aging, and about how quickly it’s all going by.”

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