Shop the star's chic shades (ranging from $89 to $125) now!

Hilary Duff has worn glasses for years, even when she didn’t really need to: “I think that when I started wearing glasses it was to be cool,” Duff said.

Now she’s bringing her desire to mix that fashionable element with functionality to an eyewear line, the Muse x Hilary Duff collection with, which is available exclusively online today.

“What I love about their website is that you can do a virtual mirror of yourself, and I was like, ‘That’s such a smart way to shop,'” Duff told PeopleStyle at the photo shoot for her Muse Collection, which features 23 frame styles ranging from $89 to $125. “Glasses are such a personal thing. I love that you can upload a photo of yourself and try on all the different frames to see how they look, because they’re so different on everybody.”

As someone who claims to “never leave the house without sunglasses or glasses” it was important for the actress to offer a variety of options when she went into this project.

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“I [always] feel like something different, so it was really fun for me to create a line that I feel like works for girls, just like me, that are influenced by something or inspired by something different every single day,” Duff said. “They’re very eclectic, fun, fashionable and inexpensive so you can have more than one pair.”

Duff’s ultimate goal when designing her frames was to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin, so she honored iconic women in history (including Marilyn Monroe, Jane Austen, Clara Barton and more) by naming the frames after them.

“It’s from women in history that have really made their stamp on the world,” Duff said. “We’re in a really great time for women … I feel like women are really getting to stand in the front. Naming them, it kind of came to me — just the inspiration was wanting women to feel confident and naming them [after] people that are badass.”

Not in need of corrective lenses? Duff’s got you covered. “You can make every single pair of frame that I designed into sunglasses. So whether you need glasses or not, if you’re just a sunglasses person, it’s all there for you,” she explained.

With her new collaboration, acting and raising her 5-year-old son Luca as a single mom, Duff’s schedule is always jam-packed, which she’s using as a tool to teach her son values about working hard.

“I have the conversation with Luca a lot, that I’m going to work and mommy has a job, this is what I do, and I want him to see that I have a strong work ethic because I want him to have the same thing,” she told us. “It’s all kind of relative. I have plenty of mom friends that don’t have jobs, that are full-time moms, and that’s a really hard job too.”

Said Duff, “I feel lucky to have a job that, hopefully, inspires other women.”

— with reporting by Abby Stern