By StyleWatch
Updated September 22, 2009 05:00 PM


Jenny Packham showed her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at London Fashion Week on Saturday and titled it “Pretty Girl No. 1”. Appropriately, after the show, she dished to PEOPLE about working with her newest It-girl client — Emma Watson‘s Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “Emma was so lovely,” said the British designer, renowned for her glamorous red carpet creations. “It’s the first time Hermione has worn something really kind of glam,” said Packham excitedly, on the red dress she designed for Watson’s more “geek than chic” character Hermione Granger. “You just have to do it and hope that they don’t cut it,” said Packham, adding “I think with Hermione, the dress is featured in a very prominent scene, thankfully.” So can we expect Hermione to turn into a designer diva in the next installment of the franchise? “No, I’m sure Emma wanted to wear something more glamorous, but she still has to look like your average teenager and, of course, a witch at the same time!” said Packham. Having worked on the film sets of Sex and the City and Casino Royale, Packham still gets a buzz from being part of the action: “It’s just an amazing experience, plus I’ve got two daughters so I got so many brownie points for that one!” –Monique Jessen