You have to see how easy this is.

The world of contouring is a complicated one — and if you’ve ever given it a shot in hopes of Kardashian-worthy selfies, you know that it’s not the quickest addition to your beauty routine. So in order to take out the guesswork, we’ve turned to Nars‘ Director of Global Artistry, James Boehmer — who shares the easiest method in his arsenal in the video below.

easiest highlighting trick

Courtesy People

First, Boehmer breaks down the most important areas of the face to apply highlighter — the high points of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, brow bone, and above your lip. And the application is easy: Simply blend it into your skin with your finger.

Then, he reveals his fool-proof technique of making the most out of your highlighting product. After applying it where light hits, grab any matte translucent powder, and dust it wherever the highlighter is not.

The outcome? The contrasting textures — luminous and matte — will make the shiny areas stand out, in turn “contouring” your face the way a dark powder would.

Not only is this method beyond easy, but cutting the dark powder out of the routine tones it down, making it subtle enough for everyday wear. And the best part? Since you can’t see the translucent powder, there’s absolutely no room for error. So let the matte finish do its work, and let go of your fear of an un-blended contour.

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-Jillian Ruffo