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No one really likes to credit their parents with their fashion decisions. But perhaps when you’re known for kooky offbeat choices (for instance, different colored shoes at the Golden Globes earlier this year) it might actually help to point the finger at someone. So, when PEOPLE scratched the surface with The King’s Speech actress Helena Bonham Carter over a coffee in a north London cafe, the Oscar nominee admitted her mother Elena could have been instrumental in her style choices. “Maybe unconsciously — because she’s obviously an individual,” the 44-year-old laughed. “She’s always had color and she’s got flamboyance. Maybe subconsciously I did pick something up.” The mother-of-two children (with director Tim Burton) added, “Mum’s half-Spanish and she used to dress me in flamenco dresses when I was little. Now I realize I have lots of things about frills. I did my own jean thing which was all about frills. Mum’s always saying ‘it’s exactly what I’d have worn in my youth.’ You always think you made your own self, but who knows.” Read more from the interview with Bonham Carter in this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands now. — Simon Perry