The actress spoke about representing septuagenarians in the beauty industry

Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

At 71-years-old, Helen Mirren is still one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. A fact that one glance at her Instagram, red carpet appearances, or that iconic bikini photo could easily confirm. So it’s no wonder the Oscar-winning actress was tapped by L’Oréal at the age of 69 to become a brand ambassador, scoring a coveted beauty contract typically reserved for twenty-something starlets and their equally younger high-fashion counterparts. And at the Cannes Lions festival this year, Mirren opened up about just what that honor meant to her and how far diversity in the fashion and beauty industry has come.

During the panel talk the actress, who was joined by L’Oréal Paris UK general manager Adrien Koskas and McCann Worldgroup’s Global chief strategy officer Suzanne Powers, was asked how she felt about booking her first campaign with the cosmetics brand. She exclaimed, “It was about bloody time! I thought, at last, there has been a shift [in the fashion and beauty industry] — I’m talking about age and beauty, but also diversity.”

The actress continued expanding on her point about the shift towards more inclusivity she’s seen in the industry, speaking about her time living with famed fashion photographer James Wedge in the 1970s, “he could not get a black girl on the front of a magazine. Now, finally, the breakthrough has happened … And now it’s great to see older women, different genders, different religions – the whole diversity of the world we are living in.”

But just because she’s the face of a cosmetics brand doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have her own personal hang-ups. When it comes to hiding her own insecurities, The Queen star quipped, “Well I’m a good actress you know. That is what it is all about, you just act your way through it. You are not the only one who is going to suffer great self-doubt and insecurity.” So whether you’re stepping out on the beach in a bikini for the first time this summer or delivering a keynote address, just ask yourself, what would Helen Mirren do?

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