Helen Mirren Jokes She Finished an Entire Tube of Toothpaste 'for the First Time in My Life'

Before the coronavirus forced her to self-isolate at home with husband Taylor Hackford, the actress said she "was constantly packing and unpacking" for her job

Helen Mirren
Photo: ITV/Shutterstock

Dame Helen Mirren is celebrating the little things amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During an appearance on the British morning show Lorraine, the 75-year-old actress opened up about the slow pace of her day-to-day life in quarantine with husband Taylor Hackford, sharing that one small accomplishment helped put things into perspective.

“I have to say, because my life up to that point, I was constantly packing and unpacking. I never got to the end of a tube of toothpaste,” Mirren joked during the virtual interview. “My husband and I were in our house in America and I used up a whole tube of toothpaste [for] probably the first time in my life!”

The Good Liar star also revealed that she and her director husband have used their newfound free time to cook, exercise and learn Italian.

“It was fabulous just to be at home, talk about what we're going to have for dinner tonight, there was a lot of cooking going on, exercise,” she shared. “We learned Italian. We had Italian lessons at night the two of us. It was pretty cool for me.”

Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford
Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford. Lester Cohen/Getty

At the start of quarantine in March, Mirren posted a powerful bare-faced selfie on Instagram to encourage her followers to donate to a coronavirus relief fund.

“In return for this pic of me literally first thing in the morning, please donate to the intensive care support," she wrote in the caption.

The Queen actress included a link to the donation page for The Intensive Care Society, a British charity that is supporting medical professionals on the frontlines, as well as the families of patients that have died.

Mirren used her platform again a few months later, showing support for frontline workers on International Nurses Day with a sweet Instagram video.

"Today of all days, we can say with our hands on our hearts truthfully and sincerely, to the nurses, you are worth it," she said in the clip. "Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, for your courage, for everything you will be doing in the future."

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