Heidi Klum Is Already Prepping Her Halloween Costume - 2 Months in Advance!

The model is known for raising the bar year after year with her over-the-top costumes

There’s still two months until Halloween, but Heidi Klum is already in full-on prep mode planning her costume for her annual bash.

Klum shared a new Instagram post on Thursday morning wearing a bra, underwear and high heels, posing in a hunched position as a technician captured her stance with a recording device.

“HALLOWEEN preparation 😛….. don’t move a muscle!!!!!!!!!! #heidiklumhalloween #heidiklumhalloween2019,” the model captioned the video.

This year will mark the 20th annual Heidi Halloween party and from the looks of her preparation, her get-up will be even more elaborate than her over-the-top costumes of the past.

Over the years she’s been a cadaver, Lady Godiva, a 95-year-old woman, Betty Boop, Cleopatra, a butterfly, clones, the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video and last year, she and now-husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as Fiona and Shrek.

Heidi Klum's 19th Annual Halloween Party

“In the beginning stages, I didn’t know about these [prosthetics] professionals yet and I did my own hair and makeup, and I had some people who would help me put the clothes together,” she told PEOPLE before last year’s party.

Heidi Klum's Annual Halloween Party
Evan Agostini/Getty

Thanks to her corpse costume in 2011, she met the prosthetic master at the Body Worlds exhibits and now enlists the help of professionals every year. “I met these amazing people who do this for a living,” she said. “I don’t know why I hadn’t though of that earlier.”

Heidi Klum's 12th Annual Halloween Party
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Now, she starts the planning process with a team of experts as early as Nov. 1.

“When you do prosthetics and all of this stuff, I’m always having my fingers and toes crossed that it actually does work out on the day because there was no dress rehearsal,” she said. “Because we can’t actually glue all these things down and see if it actually really works. So it’s always a bit nerve-wracking for me, too, that it actually does work out in the end. Usually it does, but you just never know until the day comes.”

Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

When asked if she ever has a back-up costume ready in case a mishap occurs, she has the best response.

“No, absolutely not,” she said. “I’m gonna go with Tim Gunn’s line, ‘Make it work.’”

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