Heidi Klum Proves She's a Lingerie Evangelist By Handing Out Underwear-Filled Ice Cream Cones on NYC Street

Heidi Klum made 500 lucky people in New York City very happy as she gave them free underwear.


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There’s no denying that Heidi Klum is a lingerie fan. After years of modeling skivvies for Victoria’s Secret — including 13 years as an Angel, starting in 1999 — the German supermodel, now 43, launched her own line of lingerie, Heidi Klum Intimates, in early 2015. And now that her business is fully underway, she’s found creative ways to promote the pretty product, like last night, when she parked a Heidi-decorated ice cream truck in front of Macy’s on Broadway Plaza and handed out free cones filled with her underwear to 500 lucky fans.

PeopleStyle was exclusively on hand to watch the Free Panty Pandemonium go down. “It’s been so much fun!” Klum cheered from her perch the truck. She ran out of small sizes quickly. Men were lining up to take some cones, no shame. And, of course, the tourists were going wild. We heard no less than four languages fighting to get a spot in line.

As she ran low on supplies, we snuck on board to find out why lingerie still gives her excitement after all these years. “I love lingerie,” Klum told us. “I think it enhances your beauty and makes you feel more confident. It also looks better. Your body looks better under your clothes, I feel like.”

Ironically, her Mason by Michelle Mason top featuring a sheer panel and matching asymmetrical skirt did not allow for such underpinnings. “You know there are some pieces of clothing that if you can afford not to wear any then that’s great, too and sometimes it doesn’t always work to wear lingerie,” she said. “But most of the time it will help your body shape and make you feel and look much better, so that’s what lingerie should do and you should have fun with it. And some of it, you just keep in the bedroom.”

Heidi Klum Intimates Underwear at Macys

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After all of the lingerie cones were gone, Klum headed inside Macy’s to meet customers on the floor where her bras are sold. (The truck remained outside and men in #HeidiatMacys shirts doled out 1,000 ice cream sandwiches.)

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“I have I have to tell you I lost count on how many bras or lingerie I actually have because I’ve been collecting my lingerie for many, many, many years,” she told us. “Not so much from before I was modeling because they are not so pretty the ones that I used to have. But once I started modeling and I started working with one of the biggest lingerie companies, I collected so many.”

Heidi Klum Intimates Underwear at Macys

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“I also love to shop,” she continued. “So whenever I’m out and about, traveling the world, I go to small boutique shops and there you find small brands that none of the big stores really carry, and I find really unique and cool little things. I’m a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to lingerie.”

Her favorite color? “My favorite color is probably black,” she said, “lacy black because I love it’s super sexy.” (See proof below.)

Heidi Klum Intimates Thong Instagram

Heidi Klum Intimates

As for what she thinks of the new era of supermodels that have taken over at Victoria’s Secret, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, she’s supportive of them. “I think they’re doing an amazing job,” she said.

Are you into Heidi Klum’s lingerie? Let us know!

—Sharon Clott Kanter

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