Heidi Klum strips down on cover of Ocean Drive's 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue

Heidi Klum exudes confidence with everything she does, and the supermodel has her free-spirited parents to thank for her body positive mindset.

“I grew up in a very free environment with my parents. We’d go to nude beaches. We’re very open-minded, but you can’t say that about all Germans. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we’d go camping a lot and my parents chose nude campsites, so nudity became normal for me,” Klum told Ocean Drive for the magazine’s 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue, where she goes topless on the cover and wears only a pair of her Heidi Klum Swim bikini bottoms. “I loved it.”

OceanDriveHeidiKlum J_A_Cover
Credit: Max Montgomery

Now at 45 years old, Klum continues to embrace her less-is-more swimsuit style philosophy every chance she gets.

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“I tend to not wear a whole lot of swimsuit when I am sunbathing. So I usually go for a tie-string bikini, something that has less coverage, and if no one is around, I’ll wear only the bottom,” Klum told the magazine. “I grew up being very comfortable with my body and very free.”

OceanDrive_HeidiKlum by MaxMontgomery3
Credit: Max Montgomery

And because of Klum’s passion for swimwear, creating her own swim line two years ago, Heidi Klum Swim, was a natural fit for the star (she owns a lingerie brand, Heidi Klum Intimates, too). Her main goal: offering an array of pieces that can work for women of any size.

OceanDrive_HeidiKlum by MaxMontgomery4
Credit: Max Montgomery

“There hasn’t been a huge selection for curvier women in intimates or swim, so I put a large focus on it with my lines going up from a D to G cup size,” she said. “Women who wear those sizes have been neglected by the industry, so I want to give them options.”

Klum also won’t stop stripping down to her bikini (or birthday suit!) anytime soon, and urges other women not to let the aging process bring them down.

“I see it like this: we only have on life. This is our life right now and and our moment, and our moment shouldn’t be over after a certain age. There’s not a time frame for only being able to wear a certain thing or to be in love, to go out,” she told Ocean Drive. “Thirty years old is not the cap and then you have to hide yourself and not go dancing anymore.”