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October 28, 2016 01:36 PM

Another day, another way to express your thoughts via text without ever typing a single letter.

Heidi Klum is the latest celeb to launch her own line of eponymous emojis, Heidimoji by Snaps Media, this one with a little bit of shade in the form of a ‘Perfect 10’ emoji, a nod to Donald Trump’s 2015 comments about Klum no longer being a “10.”

“I owe that one to Donald Trump,” she tells PEOPLE. “Which also made me want to come up with the ‘Vote’ emoji, as I hope everyone will use and do on Nov. 8.”

Courtesy Heidimoji
Courtesy Heidimoji

The heart-eye emoji has luscious long blonde hair, just like a certain model you may know (this one happens to be Klum’s most-used!). A blue snail emoji represents the giant blue snail statue Klum has in her backyard, given to her by “someone special.” There’s a German cuss word in the lineup, which she’ll use in lieu of the poop emoji, as well as a pig holding a shamrock — did you know that pigs are a good luck symbol for the new year in Klum’s native country, Germany?

Courtesy Heidimoji
Courtesy Heidimoji

Klum also took Heidimoji as an opportunity to add the emojis she wanted to see in her keyboard.

“I have felt that there have been some cute emojis missing, like a black heart and crossed fingers,” she says.

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Four people not using any Heidimojis yet, though? Her four children!

“My kids aren’t big into texting,” she shares. “At least not yet.”

You can download Heidimoji for iOS and Android.

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