The star models her new Heidi Klum Intimates collection in a bed of roses
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Heidi Klum Unveils Latest Heidi Klum Intimates Campaign at Bra Brunch in Los Angeles
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Heidi Klum Intimates

At this point we know how much Heidi Klum loves posing naked (she just released a coffee table book full of nude photos). But whenever she’s not creatively coming up with ways to cover up her assets, she says dressing in nice lingerie is an absolute must (in part because you never know who might see it!).

Klum conveniently has her own line of lingerie, Heidi Klum Intimates, plus she’s one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels of all time, but tells PeopleStyle at the launch of her brand’s fall 2017 collection that even before starting her own business, she always understood the importance of wearing nice undergarments.

“I worked with one of the biggest lingerie companies for 13 years before I started my own, so I always had access to great lingerie,” Klum shares. “I have to say, even before that I think my mom also [influenced me] because she was really into lingerie, she always had a variety of different great things and I saw that. You kind of model a little after what your mom does. I think also that’s why I’m very free with my body. I tan topless because I saw my mom do that.”

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But she says there’s one more important reason to always wear pretty lingerie — you never know who might see it. “If someone were to see it or your clothes were coming off and you didn’t think they were going to come off because you never know who you might meet, it’s always better to be worn.”

Credit: Francesco Carrozzini

Klum stars in the brand’s new fall 2017 campaign, marking its sixth season, and looks as confident as ever lounging in a bed of roses in her underwear, something she’s just used to by now. “You get used to people looking at you,” she shares. “It just comes with the job, you know, you can’t take things personal so I’m used to it.”

Credit: Francesco Carrozzini

The only thing she doesn’t feel totally confident wearing is anything overly frilly. “I don’t love super flirty silhouettes. To me, when it’s cinched in the waist and these kind of frilly, flare skirts, it’s just not me,” she explains. “I like a harder, structured line. It looks really cute on some girls but I don’t like that for me. I feel like it doesn’t look good on me.”

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While we could argue she would look good in just about any silhouette, she says an instantly stylish outfit is actually something pretty basic: “If you have a great pair of jeans, a great blouse, a pair of heels — boom. It can be that simple and put together.”

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–with reporting from Melody Chiu