The mother-daughter duo dished on everything from who sleeps more to their favorite article of clothing during a game of "Who Knows Who Better" to celebrate their January 2021 Vogue Germany cover

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni Klum just matched in brightly colored pantsuits on the cover of Vogue Germany, but they don't always see eye to eye when it comes to fashion.

During a game of "Who Knows Who Better" to celebrate their joint January 2021 cover (which was unveiled last week), the supermodel and her 16-year-old talked about everything from favorite snack foods and who sleeps more, to their favorite article of clothing and why Leni doesn't steal pieces from her mom's closet.

"I think I know more about you than you know about me," Leni said at the beginning of the clip, before asking her mom the first question: "What is my favorite piece of clothing."

"That's easy," the television host, 47, replied. "Sweatpants."

Leni agreed, admitting, "I live in sweatpants."

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Next, the mother-daughter duo answered the same question about Heidi.

"Oh dear, this will be interesting,” the star — who has never been afraid to bare her famous assets during photoshoots or on her personal social media accounts — quipped.

Turning her card around to reveal the answer, Heidi said,"Nix," with a shrug. "Nothing!"

Leni guessed shoes, and seemed surprised by her mom’s answer. “I just thought [nix] because I usually don’t wear that much,” Heidi explained.

The pair also revealed that Leni spends more time on her phone than her mom (thanks to TikTok!) and she’s more talkative than her supermodel mom. “I’m always singing,” Leni joked. Heidi chimed in, “Maybe not now because of all the cameras, but usually you, yes.”

One answer they disagreed on? Who sleeps longer.

Heidi Klum Leni Vogue Germany
Heidi and Leni Klum on the cover of Vogue Germany
| Credit: Chris Colls/Vogue Germany

“What?!” Heidi quipped when Leni showed her answer. “Of course you sleep longer. I’m already making breakfast before you get out of bed.”

“And who brings you fried potatoes and eggs? And who makes them?” she joked.

When asked about their favorite snacks, Heidi shared that she likes potato chips, ice cream and chocolate with hazelnuts, while her daughter said Lays potato chips, boba and L.A-based coffee shop Alfred.

During the clip, Leni also revealed that she and her mom have very different opinions when it comes to fashion, admitting she would like to get rid of "100%" of Heidi's wardrobe and steals much more from step dad Tom Kaulitz's closet.

"I don't think she really likes anything in my closet," Heidi said. "She prefers Tom's things. They are just cooler than mine."

"I love all of Tom's clothes," Leni said of the Tokio Hotel musician's punk rock style.

The mother-daughter duo end the segment by debunking an Internet rumor that Leni's real name is Helene Boshoven. "It really is Leni Olumi," Heidi said.

Klum gave birth to Leni in May 2004, right after her split from Italian businessman Flavio Briatore. In December 2009, Leni was adopted by Klum's now-ex-husband Seal. Klum married Kaulitz in July 2019.