The blonde beauties look nearly identical in their natural, barefaced photos

Like mother, like daughter!

Heidi Klum and 16-year-old daughter Leni looked like twins when they embraced their makeup-free complexions in three glowing selfies shared to Instagram over the weekend. The mother-daughter modeling duo caught the natural sunlight as they snapped the pics in the car.

Heidi and Leni styled their matching, long blonde hair in loose waves and made some silly faces at the camera in the sweet, barefaced photos.

"All NATURAL 🤗❤️🌱☀️ @leniklum #motherdaughter #nofilter #noretouching #inthecarselfie," Heidi, 47, captioned the Instagram post.

Heidi Klum/Instagram
Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram
Heidi Klum/Instagram
Heidi Klum (left) and daughter Leni Klum
| Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram

Since making her Instagram account public late last year, Leni has been known to keep things real with her followers, and previously opened up about her battle with acne.

A few months ago, the budding supermodel posted a close-up photo of her makeup-free complexion to show what her skin looks like "on a bad day."

Heidi Klum/Instagram
Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram

The selfie, in which Leni said she is wearing "no makeup" and has "no filter," displays an acne breakout on the teen's cheek. She wrote "#sowhat" alongside the all-natural photo and also posted a short video clip on her Instagram Story which showed the acne across both cheeks and her forehead.

"Bad skin. This too shall pass," she wrote on top of the clip.

Fans applauded the teen for her honesty. "Thanks for being real🙏🏻," one user wrote.

Another replied, "yessir let's normalize this," while another said, "So cool That you show some reality ❤️❤️."

Leni shot into the spotlight last year when she made her modeling debut on the cover of Vogue Germany's January/February 2021 issue alongside her mom Heidi. In the cover photo, the mother-daughter duo is seen wearing colorful matching pantsuits, sans shoes.

Now that her daughter is "old enough" to model, Heidi is thrilled to her Leni following in her footsteps. "She opened Berlin Fashion Week where I saw her walk for the first time, in heels like as a real fashion model. It's mindblowing to me to watch her work, especially the first thing I did together with her and now she's doing things by herself, even though I go to the set," she told PEOPLE.

"It's amazing to watch her do it all. She's been coming to my sets for her entire life and she's not really afraid of the cameras being stuck in her face. I do Germany's Next Top Model and she's done a lot of the shoots the models had to do. A lot of the times at the end of the shoots, she would be like, 'Now it's my turn!' off camera," Heidi added. "She's done so much over the years, she loves it. She loves it!"