The America's Got Talent judge opens up about participating in Darcy Oake's levitating act
Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram

After six years of judging America’s Got Talent, Heidi Klum has become somewhat of a guinea pig as she bravely takes the stage to help competing acts with their daring routines. And the supermodel’s most recent stunt is by far one of her bravest.

On Monday’s episode of AGT: The Champions, Klum participated in illusionist Darcy Oake’s levitating act by floating above the stage completely unsupported.

“For the levitation act, one minute Howie [Mandel] and this guy from the audience were holding me up and when I turned my head to the audience, I could see their faces and everyone going ‘ahhhhhhh’ because I guess I was floating,” Klum tells PEOPLE. “It was amazing to watch it on TV later and be able to see the act from the audience’s point of view.”

Klum has participated in so many acts throughout the years that she says she doesn’t get nervous at all helping out the contestants.

“I put a lot of trust in the performers and I want them to do well, so I just roll with it and do what they ask,” she says. “Something may sound crazy to me but if it’s part of their act and they need me to do it, I can’t say no! It’s part of the thrill and fun of it all.”

Out of many wacky acts, like having an apple shot off her head with a bow and arrow and being swung around by a strongman, she says one of the most unforgettable is the Regurgitator from season 10.

“He swallowed my Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring and then swallowed a lock and key. Then used his stomach to unlock the lock with the key, put the ring in the lock, lock the lock and regurgitate the lock back up with my ring around it! I will never get over that!”

Speaking of rings, we also chatted with Klum, who is also the Creative Director of Heidi Klum Intimates, about her recent engagement to Tokio Hotel musician, Tom Kaulitz, 29, to get all the scoop on her wedding planning process.

While she revealed that she hasn’t started officially planning yet, she already has been eyeing wedding gown options.

“I see some beautiful wedding dresses on the haute couture runways in Paris right now,” Klum explains. “I start dreaming when I see these beautiful pieces of art.”

For now, she’s taking things slow and enjoying her engagement. “Before I met Tom, I didn’t think I was going to get married again. But life just keeps on changing and so does the way you think about it. And now here I am, we are engaged, and it feels amazing! My children are happy, I feel blessed.”

PEOPLE recently reported that Kaulitz got permission from Klum’s children: daughters Lou, 9, and Leni, 14, and sons Johan, 12, and Henry, 13, before popping the question.

“They went to Mexico before their engagement, around Thanksgiving, and that’s when he started talking to the kids about his plans in secret and it was so hard for them to not tell anyone. They were so excited and happy for their mom,” a friend of Klum told PEOPLE.

He proposed on Christmas Eve morning alongside the kids. “So Tom and the kids together worked on making a breakfast tray for Heidi that had coffee, flowers, and a ring box,” said the friend. “It was important for Tom to have the kids included in the whole thing, so they all brought the tray up to Heidi’s room and surprised her with breakfast in bed and then he proposed.”

Klum and her fiancé first sparked dating rumors back in March 2018 after they were spotted kissing on set while she was filming America’s Got Talent and they made their first public appearance as a couple in May for the Cannes amfAR Gala.