Todd Williamson/WireImage

Out with the black, in with the pink! At least that’s Richie Rich and Traver Rains’s motto. The design duo behind Heatherette has teamed up with M.A.C. to bring their signature pink and sparkle-filled style to the latest limited-edition collection for the make-up brand. “My favorite thing about the collection is the packaging. It’s so cool for M.A.C.,” Rains told PEOPLE at the Heatherette by M.A.C. Spring Launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday night. “It definitely gets people’s attention when you pull it out of your bag.” Adds Rich, “It’s fun to have the whole M.A.C.-black whatever but I wanted something that was a lot more representative of what we believe in. It just makes you happy.” And considering that the Heatherette clothing label already counts M.A.C. spokesmodels Pamela Anderson, Fergie, and Dita Von Teese as fans, a partnership with the make-up brand was inevitable. “The last eight years, they’ve done almost every fashion show with us, and they did a lipstick with us called Heatherette — it was hot pink — so it was just a natural progression for us,” said Rains. And what was their inspiration for the new collection? “We wanted to make it like hot pink like ‘ooooh,'” enthused Rich. “So that it’s like Bubble Tape — like bubblegum that you can actually open up and wear.” Bubblegum pink was indeed the theme of the night, from hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, to the shirts painted on the male models at the entryway. As for what the collection represents, “Good girl, bad girl, good boy, bad boy, bad girl, pretty boy, all of that!” revealed Rich. “It’s about loving fashion, loving make-up, and having fun. Just look at me as our motto!” Click here to see the whole collection.