The actress tells PEOPLE all about her experience trying on wedding dresses and shares the scoop on her short hair

Eugene Gologursky/Getty

Hayden Panettiere is far from a bridezilla. The Nashville star, 24, has a laid-back attitude when it comes to planning her wedding to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, 37. And she’s making sure to have fun — especially when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

Panettiere recently tried on a variety of dress styles for Brides magazine, and she told PEOPLE all about the experience.

“I have a very specific body type, and you have to dress for your body type. As flattering as wedding dresses tend to be they can also go sour really quick,” the Neutrogena spokesperson said. “It was nice to see the different cuts on my body. And you just look at the cumulative likes and loves and hopefully that will lead to ‘the dress.’”

As for the rest of the wedding planning, the star does not have a date yet, but she definitely has a vision. “I have always dreamed of a wedding day! Not over the top or crazy, but yeah, I’ve always thought about it. It’s one of those things you have to just cross your fingers and hope everything will go smooth. You will plan and plan and at the end of day you just have to kick back and see what happens.”

If that wasn’t proof enough that she’s a laid-back bride, Panettiere recently did what most brides-to-be would probably avoid: Getting a major new haircut! But she has no regrets (and gets to wear extensions for her role as Juliette Barnes on Nashville).

“I like it,” she said. “My hair was so damaged before, I had to cut it off and give it a rest. I love having short hair. But the grass is always greener. You have it for a couple of months, and then you’re ready to go back to long.”

Like any girl, there are a few hair moves she definitely regrets. “Some of my school pictures when the crunchy hair was in, you would get out of the shower and put the most intense gel you could find in your hair. Welcome to my 8th grade picture — my mom was pleased. You could blow on your hair and it would snap in half,” she said. “And then I dyed my hair red once, which was also a terrible idea. It washed out into a lovely orange. It was a very unattractive part of my life.”

For now Panettiere keeps her hair healthy with Neutrogena’s Triple Repair Hair Care system. “I call my hair my ‘problem child.’ It’s blonde and curly. It gets blown out every morning, so the heat is damaging. This system has completely repaired my hair.”

What do you think of Panettiere’s low-key wedding outlook? Are you loving her shorter hair? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico