Hayden Panettiere Bought Her Tom Ford Golden Globes Dress Off the Rack - and Ford Sent Flowers to Thank Her

The star (shocker) buys her own red carpet gown

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If you love celebrity fashion, then you likely already know that it’s increasingly rare for stars to wear their own clothes on the red carpet. And when it comes to massive, all-eyes-on-you events like the Golden Globes, it’s even more likely that everything you see on your favorite star — from her shoes to her jewelry (especially the jewelry) — has been borrowed from a designer and will head back to the showroom the following morning, possibly with wine stains or worse.

So it’s super-unlikely to see a celeb wearing a gown they’ll actually take home with them, which is why it was refreshing to find out that Hayden Panettiere picked out her Tom Ford gown off the rack to wear to Sunday’s awards show. She gushed about the designer to PEOPLE (“I’m obsessed with it! I freaked out that I’m even wearing it. Anything he makes is just stunning,” she said) and she was ready to put her money where her mouth is.

At the HBO post-Golden Globes party, the star confessed to trying on tons of dresses before finding the one — “More than I feel like I usually do!” — but the search was worth it when she found this dress. “I bought this one. I actually get to keep it, which is really weird to me, that I don’t have to worry about somebody showing up on my doorstep going, ‘Where’s the dress? Give it back!’” she said. “It’s like buying a piece of art. You can hopefully keep it forever.”

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She also showed off a shorter haircut to complement the “sexy, vampy and comfortable” vibe of her dress. Why the new do? “Fried ends, split ends,” she said. “That’s the inspiration. I got to chop off my hair and it’s fun and I can finally get away with it again” [after having to wear long hair for Nashville for the past two seasons].

And as to rumors that Ford was miffed that Panettiere had an “unapproved” style moment in one of his gowns on the red carpet? He put those to rest via a giant bouquet of roses and a kind note, as the actress revealed on Twitter.

Such an honor to wear one of this man’s masterpieces! Thank you for my beautiful flowers! #TomFord pic.twitter.com/znzecGF454

— hayden panettiere (@haydenpanettier) January 14, 2014

Do you love that Panettiere paid for her dress instead of borrowing it? What do you think of the new cut? And how about those flowers? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Melody Chiu, Mariah Haas and Gabrielle Olya

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