Harry Styles and Zendaya Were Destined to Be Style Icons, Says Celeb Astrologer

Aliza Kelly dives into the Rising and Venus Signs of our favorite celebrity fashion stars, including Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, in the latest episode of People TV's Celebrity Astrology Investigation

Ever wonder why some people just seem to have an incredible sense of style? As it turns out, there can be some cosmic credit given to those who can wear anything and make it look cool. Trusted celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly points out that some of our favorite fashion titans can credit their Rising and Venus signs for their sartorial supremacy.

In the latest episode of People TV's Celebrity Astrology Investigation, Kelly looks at the star charts of a few of Hollywood's most notable fashion plates to find out how these two signs "can give us insight into why people dress the way they do and what influences their personal style."

Star charts can have a massive influence on the incredible looks we see celebrities rocking both on stage and on the red carpet. "Your 'rising' sign creates the entire architecture of your birth chart and defines your external experience," Kelly explains. "It's quite literally how you see the world, and of course, how the world sees you in return."

Harry Styles and Zendaya
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"Venus illuminates how you like to be 'wined and dined', as well as your personal tastes and aesthetics," Kelly says, explaining that this sign is responsible for the things we are attracted to. "Since we like to dress in ways we think are fashionable and fun, it's another key ingredient of personal style."

For example, Harry Styles is a "handsome ... charming" Libra rising known for taking style risks any time the cameras are on. Kelly says that Libra risings are known for their "very attractive features," both inside and out. "They have a magnetic pull and the reason for this is because Libra rising means that that chart is ruled by Venus, which is, as we know, the planet of love and beauty," she elaborates.

Libra risings are also "very intentional when it comes to their appearance," but for Styles, 28, that also balances with his Aquarius Venus, which Kelly calls "the unconventional bad kid" of the Zodiac. This "irresistible combination" explains his experimentation with different styles (that Aquarius Venus), while also maintaining an "ability to look curated and attractive and natural no matter what he wears" (the Libra rising).

Another effortlessly fabulous dresser and staple of best-dressed lists everywhere: Zendaya. "From ultra glam to showing off those gams, Zendaya has forged a unique path in fashion," Kelly says, citing her "out there" Aquarius rising as a major player in her style choices. "It does not like to abide by the rules, so it is always pushing the envelope, which means that we're going to see a lot of risks."

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Her willingness to take bold chances with her ensembles works perfectly alongside her Cancer Venus, which Kelly explains is "a little more traditional, a little more elegant, it has that value of classic sophistication."

As a result, the Euphoria star, 25, is now known to regularly "step outside just the female beauty archetypes and standards and experiment with different types of outfits, different types of tailoring, different types of looks."

Another Gen Z superstar blazing her own style trail is Billie Eilish. The singer-songwriter pushes boundaries with appearances that range from "monochromatic 'fits, romantic Oscar de la Renta gowns or Sailor Moon sweatshirts." The "slightly haunted style" she has become synonymous with is dictated by her Pisces rising and Sagittarius Venus.

Kelly says Eilish, 20, is the epitome of a Pisces rising because "she's dreaming, she's very Twelfth House, she's not of this world, which makes sense because so is her wardrobe."

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Mixing that with a Sagittarius Venus, which Kelly declares as "the troublemaker of the zodiac, the angsty teen, the rule breaker," the Happier Than Ever hitmaker was destined to create a sense of style that is delightfully unconventional. "As a Sagittarius Venus, she values her own truth, her own story, and is very aligned with what feels authentic for her."

Lil Nas X's style — "so adventurous, so luxurious, so camp, so dripping in pearls and designer labels" — is unlike any of his peers. Much of this comes down to being a Taurus Venus, and with Kelly revealing that Venus is the ruler of Taurus, "a Taurus Venus is exactly where it needs to be, where it wants to be, where it loves to be."

"A Taurus Venus is decadent, it's luxury, baby," she says about the 23-year-old rapper's style.

Lil Nas X performs onstage during iHeartRadio 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2021 Presented by Capital One at Allstate Arena on December 7, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois.
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When it comes to exciting fashion moments, no one compares to Rihanna, who is both an Aries rising and an Aries Venus. "She doesn't miss," Kelly says about the singer-turned-beauty mogul. "She's always looking super sexy, super fierce, and what the Aries rising and Aries Venus really brings out is sheer confidence."

It's that unwavering confidence that sets Rihanna, 34, apart from other celebrities on every single red carpet. "It's because she's so confident in whatever she wears and that vibe just radiates from her," Kelly adds. "That's raw Aries energy."

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