Usually, Harry Styles’ sartorial choices include a lot of quirky-memorable pieces (you may recall his impressive wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts) or supermodel-inspiring looks (you’ll recall the time Cara Delevingne stole his wide-brim hat vibes). And his latest outfit is so “front row at fashion week” that we’ve already picked out a career for him post-One Direction (sorry, Niall, Liam and Louis): full-time fashion blogger.

Harry Styles

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Maybe it was all the high fashion frequency in the air, but at Love Magazine‘s London Fashion Week party, Styles really pulled out all stops with his printed multicolor Gucci suit. And let’s face it: He’s practically got the fashion blogger uniform down to a T. You expect to see him hanging outside fashion shows hoping someone will photograph him. He looks like he’s ready to shoot his #OOTD for a “Style by Styles” blog. Let’s break down the four components of his outfit that are just dying to be photographed against a brightly colored wall in L.A.

First, let’s talk clothes. The invisible tie says “Yes, I know suits should be worn with a tie, that’s why I’m buttoning all the buttons (even though I hate them) it’s just way cooler to act like you forgot the finishing accessory” (#effortless). Then there’s the on-point color-coordinating. He matched his shirt and shoes to the black base of his colorful suit, which was a much sleeker choice than going with an orange or yellow shade (#overkill).

But it’s really Styles’ grooming game that takes the look into full-blown blogger territory. Since man buns are so Spring 2015, he did what any good style-setter would do — wear his locks long, wavy and loose. And of course, no look these days is complete without a full, strong brow.

In conclusion, we could not be more excited for your new album, Harry, but we also don’t blame you one bit if you decide to share your style secrets with the masses. We’ll start reserving Instagram handles for you now.

What should Harry call his fashion blog?

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–Colleen Kratofil