Happy Throwback Thursday, Ali Larter! We Love Those Bangs!

The star shows off some killer early '90s high school style

Courtesy Ali Larter

Ali Larter kicked off her career playing impossibly gorgeous high schoolers in Varsity Blues and Drive Me Crazy, but it turns out her high school style was a little more like the rest of ours — though still more stunning than your average 18-year-old.

The star shared her senior yearbook portrait with us in all its early ’90s, feathery banged, rust-hued lipsticked glory. And she rocked those bangs “almost all of high school,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m not sure where the inspiration came from. Bangs are a commitment!”

Larter is celebrating Throwback Thursday with Microsoft Office for a back-to-school campaign that’s all about organization — and funny photos. Fans can submit their old school snapshots on Facebook for a chance to win gadgets galore.

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So are there any school photos Larter would rather burn than share? It’s hard to imagine, but she says yes. “Definitely the one with the blue eye shadow, frosted pink lipstick and Something About Mary crispy hair,” she tells us. “But I rocked it!”

She may not be recycling her favorite school outfits (“Bobby Brown or Z. Cavaricci pants. Amazing,” she says of her first-day-of-school style; an average day might find her in “holey jeans, big sweatshirts and lots of scrunchies. I think Flashdance was what was going on, probably”) but there is one thing she wishes she could dig out of the Goodwill bin: “For sure, some of the faded Levis! Boo!” she says.

And she may not find this throwback photo funny for very long — after all, the ’90s are coming back in the big way. Look for Larter to be rocking Doc Martens (“I will always love that style — thanks, Kate Moss!” she says) as she listens to the Singles soundtrack. Feeling inspired? Put on your own favorite ’90s movie cassette and click on over to the Microsoft Facebook page to share your own pic.

Tell us: What do you think of Larter’s senior year style? What was your favorite first day of school outfit?

–Alex Apatoff

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