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It’s no secret that PEOPLE StyleWatch editors are a obsessed with Jessica Alba‘s wardrobe. She’s a regular in our Love Her Outfit gallery, and a pro at mixing high-low pieces. So in honor of her birthday (she’s 33!) we’re looking back at her best street style moments.


Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: Jessica can make the most basic pair of jeans exciting. Proof? This photo of the star walking around L.A. in a plaid Marc Jacobs top, burgundy blazer, leopard flats and wide-brim blue fedora. It’s classic, but she still manages to take a tiny style risk with the leopard slash plaid combo. Plus, she always looks effortlessly cool like that girl in high school who had the whole “I just threw any old thing on, but I make it look fabulous” vibe going on.

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John Soper, Editorial Assistant: Everyone I work with could tell you that I love a good statement piece, whether it be a necklace, sweatshirt, or in this case, a coat. Jessica’s color-block Chloé jacket is a perfect example of how to rock oversize outerwear and still have a major style moment. She coordinates the rest of her outfit with a tailored pant, black pumps, perforated tote (also by the designer) and some white cat-eye stunners, giving the rest of the Paris Fashion Week show-goers a lesson in keeping warm and looking chic. And if you want to be as fashionable as our birthday girl, we suggest buying this ASOS number, and saving it for next season — same concept, better price tag.

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Catherine Kast, Writer-Reporter: I was lucky enough to see Jessica in this look at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 show this past September and boy was it as fantastic in person as it is in pictures. Somehow she was able to keep the chiffon skirt wrinkle-free–I think it’s because she’s some kind of fashion angel. In the Resort 2014 collection, the skirt was styled as a top-to-bottom ballerina look. Jessica chose a sleek black knit cropped sweater to balance the flowiness and formal length of the skirt. Poof: A runway look that seems modern and everyday. That is, if wearing runway is your “everyday,” which it is for Jessica. Her ladylike purse, black sandal (which I’m officially classifying as “The Best Version of the Basic”) and the updo/glasses combo elevate the look to true movie star glam.

There are endless comparisons of modern actresses (and reality stars) to Audrey Hepburn, but I feel like this is the first time in my short life that it feels actually appropriate to point out the style parallels between someone and dear Audrey, who surely would’ve chosen a similar ensemble if she were sitting front row at the American designer’s show.


Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: Guess what I’m wearing today? Boyfriend jeans, flats, a tee and a blazer, plus a great structured bag. It’s kind of my uniform. And looking back at a bunch of Jessica Alba street style photos, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve somehow absorbed all my style tips from her through osmosis.

But as impressed as I am with myself, it’s pretty evident that no one does this combo better than the actress. She somehow pulls everything together with the right proportions, the perfect version of everything (seriously: Where can I get that blazer?) and the best little touches, like her kitty-cat flats and mirrored sunglasses. She’s made being an amazing jeans-wearer into a career, and for that, I salute her. And wish her a happy birthday.

What’s your favorite Jessica Alba street style moment of the past year? Tell us in the comments!

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