The supermodel dishes on her sexy new gig

By Alex Apatoff
Updated May 13, 2015 01:00 PM

There are multiple perks to shooting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover: the international travel, the overnight fame, the hunky boyfriend. But for 2015 cover girl Hannah Davis, there was another unexpected consequence: A complete lack of drawer space.

Hannah Davis for OP

Courtesy OP (2)

“I think I got about 100 swimsuits after landing the Sports Illustrated cover. I have no more space in my house!” says Davis, 25, who has just added “Op model” to her long list of swimsuit modeling accomplishments, starring in the brand’s spring/summer 2015 ad campaign alongside male model Nick Bateman. “I can’t complain because it’s a good problem to have!”

So how does she keep track of them all? “I don’t!” she tells PEOPLE. “Lately I’ve been putting them in big bags because I don’t have space in my closet anymore and I’ve converted my second bedroom into a closet just because I’ve been getting so much stuff.”

She has a few more to add to her wardrobe (or to give away to friends — she’s said she’s more of a sweatpants girl herself) with her new gig, which saw her modeling fluorescent numbers at her favorite spot, the beach.

Hannah Davis for OP

Courtesy OP (2)

So which suits are coming home with her? “I like the one-piece, funny enough,” she says. “I like it cut a little higher on the leg, with cutouts on the sides. I feel like I can move around more in one-pieces than in two-pieces.”

And any that won’t earn a place in that makeshift closet? “The one style I would probably never wear is the high-waisted bikini,” she says. “It looks good in photos but I find that I would get a weird tan line.”

On that topic, we had to ask: Are there any pro tips to avoiding tan lines from a model who spends her entire day in crazy-complicated swimsuits? She can’t help you there, unfortunately. “People think you would get crazy tan lines because you’re always wearing these crazy looking bikinis, but you don’t because you’re only in them for about 10 minutes and then you switch into the next one,” she says. “You actually end up with the perfect tan because you are wearing all types of bikinis and none of them are there long enough to make a line.” Just one more way we will never experience the life of a bikini model.

What do you think of the shoot? Are you excited that she’s the Op girl?

–Alex Apatoff

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