"Sometimes when major events happen, we learn things about ourselves. We now realize we can take care of ourselves. And you know what, we're worth it, Berry tells PEOPLE

Halle Berry recently let PEOPLE in on her current fitness routine, and now she's sharing her quarantine beauty secrets! 

The actress, beauty icon and mother of two became a collaborative partner of at-home beauty device brand Finishing Touch Flawless this winter. To celebrate, she chatted all about her DIY routine and how it's created an opportunity to bond with her daughter, plus what she really thinks about all the hoopla over how she looks. 

Fun fact: Berry was a fan of the brand's OG hair removal device Flawless Face long before the partnership. But now that she's involved with the brand, she says she's "like a kid on Christmas" whenever they send her a new tool to put to the test. 

Not only do the high performance devices work, unlike most, you'll actually want to leave them out in your bathroom, she says. "I went [the brand's] headquarters to learn about the products, and the minute I saw them on the table, I went to touch them. It was something about the color and the shape of them — they look so sexy. And, they make you feel good about hair removal."

Halle Berry; Courtesy Finishing Touch Flawless
Credit: Courtesy Finishing Touch Flawless

Right now, she says, "I'm all about the Flawless Cleanse and Flawless Cleanse Spa products, which are the newer [ones]. I'm experimenting with them on a daily basis." Berry's so enamored, she gifted the products to her friends over the holidays. "I gave them to almost everyone I know, and the moms that I didn't get to then, they're all going to get them for Mother's Day gifts this year."

Since the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to outside pampering, Berry's become a "pro" at practicing self-care at home. 

"I'm giving myself more pedicures and facials and concocting things. If I'm doing a deep cleanse on my skin, [I'll apply] a homemade mask made of yogurt, honey and lemon for vitamin C. I'm really having fun."

An even bigger — and more meaningful — bonus: Berry's been able to involve her daughter, Nahla, in the process.

"It's really been fun doing it with my daughter. She just turned 13, so she's learning about all these products. But, I love teaching her about what I consider real beauty, which is taking care of your natural skin. It's not about covering your natural face with goo gobs of makeup. It's not about hiding who you are, but really learning how to have the confidence to put your real self forward."

Berry also leads by example and doesn't make a fuss over her exterior, even if everyone else does.

"I probably don't think about it as much as maybe others do, actually. I focus on so many other things in my life. So many other aspects of who I am get way more focus than what my physical self looks like. So it's not something I focus on."

She continues, "I love when someone says, 'You're a great mother,' or, 'You're a talented actress.' Those are the things that I appreciate more, because those are things I work very hard at every day. Physical beauty, I don't have much to do with that. We come here the way we all come here, and it's so subjective. What one thinks is beautiful, one does not. I, personally, don't spend that much time on that part of who I am."

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As Berry looks ahead, she's resolved to make more time for herself.

"Sometimes, when major events happen to us, we learn things about ourselves that we decide, 'I'm going to keep this a part of who I continue to be.' I think, home care and self-care is one of those things. We now realize we can all take care of ourselves. And you know what, we're worth it. So I think, these practices will stay a part of many of us."

And that's not just for her beauty routine, but her whole approach to wellness, says the founder of health and wellness platform, re-spin.

"I think, it's very important to live mindfully. The mission statement of re-spin is, and that's let's re-spin everything we thought we knew. I think if we challenged those old stereotypes and those old beliefs and those old conventions about beauty, about health, about wellness, about fitness, we'll find that there are newer, fresher, and better ways of doing things. And it's like, when you know better, you do better."