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By Alex Apatoff
April 01, 2015 01:00 PM

If Halle Berry says certain lingerie is sexy, we’ll believe her. And if Halle Berry says it’s sexy and under $20, we’ll worship her. That’s the idea behind her Scandale Paris line, which she picked up in France and brought to Target in the U.S. — and she’s having as much fun designing it as we are buying it.

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The star — who told us her favorite pieces are black and leopard, with a little shimmer — says she was inspired to co-own the lingerie line after stumbling upon it while walking around husband Olivier Martinez’s home country. “This one kind of found me when I was tooling around in Paris during one of my many trips there,” she said. “I found this beautiful lingerie line that was so highly priced that the average woman could not afford it and the business was starting to falter and I thought, what if I could buy this and bring it to America and recreate the essence of this at a price point that every woman could afford it?”

She brought it to Target, where “every woman” shops, and has been excited to see the success of her line’s lacy little things. “Through my long association with Revlon I have direct access to every woman and so I thought this would be a good platform for me to bring them something else,” she says. “It is really important that no matter what background you come from you can pick up one of these pieces and you can love it and you can also afford it.”

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Despite her full slate, Berry says finding time for this venture is hardly a chore. “It doesn’t feel like work. This for me, feels like play,” she says. “I get to design lingerie and pick out fabrics and color schemes and estimate what women will want and what will make them feel beautiful so this hasn’t really been hard to integrate.”

And in her downtime, the Extant star also makes time for a little television. “Right now I’m loving Empire — I think the whole world is,” she says. “Taraji and Terrence are both friends of mine and I just have to watch. Jussie — the little boy on the show — I worked with him when he was just a little baby boy and to see him now singing his face off just makes me feel so proud!”

What do you think of her lingerie line? Have you picked up any pieces yet?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Patrick Gomez

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