Halle Berry, Braless and Thinking About Snacks, Is All of Us

The actress is now making her own self-referential memes

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For those unfamiliar with the term “meme,” they’re essentially the comedic currency of the internet. These mash-ups of images and phrases have not only provided us with millions of instantly shareable jokes and Instagram famous twenty-somethings, but also, some would argue, helped to sway the entire presidential election.

But while memes are a dime a dozen on Twitter and Instagram, little did we realize that we’ve been sleeping on one of the most fire new artistes of the digital medium; none other than Halle Berry.

While she may be new to the various social media platforms, joining both Instagram and Twitter only in March of 2016 with a photo of herself walking topless through the jungle, the Oscar-winner has already proven she has an acute sense of how to create precisely the type of content the masses crave. If the surprisingly well-produced video she made after the Academy Awards featuring her slipping out of her custom Versace dress to Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” wasn’t proof enough of that fact, Berry is back with another viral combination.

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The actress posted an image of herself on both Twitter and Instagram in which she’s standing in a sunny field wearing only a very sheer white, lace wrap dress with nothing on underneath and her hair worn down in loose, messy waves. But the post was really all about her caption which read, “Me when someone says ‘I’m coming over and I’ve got snacks’.” In other words, it seems we have a burgeoning Josh Ostrovsky in our midst.

What do you think of Halle Berry’s self-referential meme? Sound off below!

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