Hailey Baldwin Opens Up About Her Anxiety: 'You Just Have to Be Honest That Life Sucks Sometimes'

The model is shining light on the importance of caring for one's mental health

Hailey Baldwin is pulling back the curtain on the picture-perfect world most see on social media and getting real about anxiety.

In a new interview with Glamour, the model opened up about her struggles with anxiety and revealed the ways she’s making an effort to be more transparent about her mental health.

“I admire people coming forward and talking about [anxiety]. We all struggle with it,” she said. “I think there’s been this stigma around it for so long. People look at celebrities who are famous or successful and think they have it all together. Like, they have such an insane career, or they make so much money, that they should be happy. But it’s really kind of the opposite.”

She goes on to explain until now many in the industry have shied away from being open and discussing topics like this, saying there was “a pressure to keep up a facade.”

And she admits to being one of those celebrities. “People would ask me, ‘How are you?’ and I’d be like, ‘I’m fine; I’m good.’ But really I’d be crying in my hotel room all night. You just have to be honest that life sucks sometimes. It’s hard. Things are difficult. I just think the more we are open about it, the more we can help people find solutions.”


During the Glamour interview, she revealed that when she needs a minute to herself to regroup and reconnect, she treats herself to a nap or runs errands. “Honestly, I understand little kids when I nap. I’m like, ‘Oh, I get it.’ This is really helpful and it feels good.'”

“It’s so important, in my opinion, to find those moments for yourself. Especially when you’re around people all the time. Not only for work, but when you’re in a relationship too, and you’re with another person all the time. I think it’s important for both parties to be able to be, like, “Hey, I need an hour to myself.” For me, I actually enjoy running errands. I like having to go to the grocery store or the drugstore. It’s a weird therapeutic thing for me—[it helps me] to feel normal.”

She also relies on self-help meditation, therapy and the book Mindsight to curb anxiety. “I believe so strongly in therapy, meditation, and faith — believing in something. That’s always the answer to me before anything else.”

The model recently made headlines for standing up for herself after she was mocked for saying she was “grateful” for the little things in life on Instagram. A follower left a snarky comment slamming Baldwin over husband Justin Bieber’s estimated fortune. She quickly responded, reminding the commenter that they should not judge what they don’t know.

“Money doesn’t = happiness. At all. You can be the wealthiest person in the planet and be miserable. Not fair to judge people’s circumstances from the outside.. am I not allowed to be grateful to sit in the sunshine and enjoy my day like a regular person?” she replied.

Bieber has been very open about his own mental health struggles and a source previously told PEOPLE that Baldwin has been an incredible support system for him has he makes his mental health his number one priority.

“Hailey is able to support Justin in a way that no one else has been able to,” a Bieber source said. “She only comes from a place of love. She doesn’t want anything from him except for him to be able to be the best person and husband. Justin is overwhelmingly grateful for how patient and supportive Hailey is.”

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