The model poses in a strappy bikini for the magazine's latest sexy video
Credit: Youtube

Now that the end of December is in sight, the folks over at Love magazine are going into lingerie-fueled overdrive, majorly upping the ante for the final 10 days of their annual scantily-clad marathon. This month, we’ve seen the magazine evolve their tried-and-true formula of famous models wearing next to nothing while jiggling seductively at the camera, incorporating a handful of iconic film scenes as well. But for their 21st day, Love embraced what they’re best known for, featuring Hailey Baldwin frolicking around a hotel room and taking a very steamy shower.

The short by Dan Jackson, filmed in a hotel room at The Standard High Line hotel in N.Y.C., features the aspiring super wearing a black, strappy, halter neck bikini top with matching bottoms and red patent leather thigh high boots. Throughout the minute-long film, Baldwin takes a bunch of rapid fire pictures of herself in the bathroom, writhing on the bed, posing provocatively across the couch and pressing herself against the floor to ceiling class windows before wrapping up the whole seductive affair with a steamy shower scene.

Despite posing for the publication’s suggestive series for the second year in a row, the model has said that she draws the line at posing nude, telling Yahoo 7’s Be, “I’m fine to do bikinis and certainly lingerie if I feel like it’s done tastefully … cute like Victoria’s Secret, but nothing like raunchy or overly sexual,” adding that while, “The Love Advent calendar is obviously quite sexy and it’s meant to be that way, I just try to make sure I’m not overdoing it in the sexiness.” And truly, when it comes to Love, feeling yourself up while taking a shower is about as understated as it gets.

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