Of getting married at age 21, Hailey Baldwin tells Elle that she and husband Justin Bieber "have both lived enough life to know that's what we wanted"

For Hailey Baldwin, "young" is a relative term.

The 24-year-old model graces the cover of Elle's April issue, where she opens up about getting married to Justin Bieber in 2018 and how the two felt ready to take that step in their relationship despite being in her early 20s.

"I was married when I was 21, two months before I turned 22, which is insanely young," Baldwin says. "And sounds almost ridiculous when you say it out loud."

"Although I do think for somebody like me and somebody like Justin, [it's different]," she continues. "We've seen a lot for our age. We have both lived enough life to know that's what we wanted."

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Hailey and Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
| Credit: Hailey Bieber/Instagram
Hailey Bieber in ELLE
Hailey Baldwin for Elle
| Credit: Mario Sorrenti for ELLE

Baldwin and Bieber, 27, tied the knot in September 2018 at a New York City courthouse, just two months after getting engaged in the Bahamas that July. The couple hosted a second wedding with a large ceremony in front of family and friends the following September.

"I learn new things about him and about myself and about our relationship all the time," Baldwin tells Elle of her husband of two years.

And while they "have little fights and stuff that we have to work through sometimes," the model says "it really doesn't ever feel like work, because I love him so much."

"I see forever with him," she adds.

Hailey Bieber in ELLE
Hailey Baldwin on the cover of Elle's April 2021 issue
| Credit: Mario Sorrenti for ELLE

At "the beginning of" their marriage, Baldwin admits, she "just wanted to hide," as she felt any semblance of her privacy was out the window.

"I was like, 'I don't want people so in my business. I feel like everybody's up my ass,' " she tells Elle. "I was like, 'Can there be no anonymity? Can I have any of it back?' "

Baldwin "absolutely" believes being in a relationship is "harder in the public eye" — though at the end of the day, "any relationship can fail, Hollywood or not."

"But I think the two of us are grounded by our faith," she shares. "I'm not saying it's this easy-peasy thing that doesn't take work. We talk to a therapist. We do what we have to do."