Hailey Baldwin Prepared for Fashion Week with a 10 Day Detox

The 19-year-old model went on a strict diet plan

Photo: Source: Hailey Baldwin Instagram

It’s New York Fashion Week, which means the Big Apple sidewalks have turned into catwalks for the industry’s top models. One model ready for the festivities is Hailey Baldwin, the 19-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, ultra-fan of booty shorts, rising star (she has posed for Guess, Ugg, Vogue Italia and more) and overall social media street style darling (she has 7.3 million followers on Instagram).

And she’s taking a few intense steps to get ready, as she revealed at the recent launch of Ugg’s Classic Street campaign. “Right now, I’m on a metabolic detox,” she says. “I’m trying to reset my body before I get into the craziness of all this traveling and running around.”

The goal of a metabolic detox, according to Harvard Medical School, is “aimed at eliminating alleged toxins that are held responsible for a variety of symptoms, including headache, bloating, joint pain, fatigue, and depression.” Ultimately, it’s supposed to act as a reset for your metabolism, as the name suggests, and get your metabolism running smoothly.

She says she spent 10 days on the detox program. Hers involved supplements, though she didn’t specify the exact kind. “It’s like a cleanse that you have to do with like protein powder and all this different stuff and you have to eat a certain type of way,” she adds, noting she adds clean foods, like fruits and veggies, to her plan. “I eat healthy regardless but it’s very much more scaled down.”

And that’s not all. Her ultimate secret for getting ready for a busy time? Investing in more zzzs. “Sleep is such a big one because I think when you’re traveling so much and you’re running around, you don’t realize how off your body gets,” she says.

Ah, yes, more sleep is always a good idea!

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