Hailey Baldwin Gets 'Really Annoyed' That Husband Justin Bieber's Lashes Are Longer Than Hers

The model is just a tad jealous of her hubby's lengthy eyelashes

Hailey Baldwin has helped husband Justin Bieber clear up his complexion with her skincare know-how, but there's one thing Bieber has when it comes to his appearance that Baldwin really wants — his lengthy eyelashes.

Even though Baldwin, 23, has come to accept the fact that she's simply "somebody who [doesn't] have the longest lashes in the world," she can't help but get envious of Bieber's assets.

"My husband actually has way longer lashes than I do, and I get really annoyed," the model said in an interview with Elle.com. "[Mine are] visible, they're there, but they're not super long. It's fine. I've accepted it. I can live with it."

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin
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Baldwin went on to explain how she helped inspire Bieber, 26, to take serious interest in his complexion. Now, she says "he cares a lot about what's going on with his skin because he knows how much I love it."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Seen Taking A Break Whilst In London At Joe In The Juice
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Since the singer had been "struggling with a bit of acne," Baldwin started giving him her advice to help him manage the breakouts. "I tried to help him clear that and get that under control and it is working. It's gone, and he's really happy," the model said. "I give him all of the tips that I use personally and I've given him products that I use. I'm always big on keeping your skin hydrated. It's taken him a while, though.”

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Bieber recently showed off his clear complexion with a mirror selfie shared on his Instagram Story and thanked his wife for helping him get his skin on track.

Justin Bieber Instagram
Justin Bieber Instagram

"Skin," he wrote over the Instagram Story snap, adding a flame emoji. "Thanks @haileybieber." Baldwin reposted her husband's photo, adding the words, "Healthy skin? We love to see it."

Baldwin has had plenty of time to hone her skincare skills during quarantine and says she did a "crazy deep dive" into the topic while at home.

"My mom and my grandma taught me a ton about skincare growing up, so when I had the time in quarantine, I was doing dermatology courses and reading all these books about our skin," Baldwin explained. "I find it interesting and I really care about my skin and what goes on it."

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