September 30, 2013 07:44 PM

Pacific Coast News; AFF-USA

Hailee Steinfeld may have been born well after grunge had its big moment, but that’s not stopping the 16-year-old from bringing the look back. She hit the Teen Vogue party this weekend in leather, flannel, smudged liner — and some brand-new messy bangs.

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After going for maximum romance the week before at her Romeo & Juliet premiere, the actress appeared ready to add a little edge to her look. Gone were the rosy lipstick and glossy waves from her last event; in their place, she added smoky gray-and-purple liner to her lower lids, then roughed up her curls and cut some piecey fringe that fell just to her brows.

We can’t blame the teen for wanting to look older than learner’s-permit age — after all, bangs are practically a rite of passage for high schoolers. And unlike our experimental fringe (which you’ll never see because we burned the photos) Hailee’s were done by a very expensive trained professional, so they’re totally flattering to her features. Are you as into them as we are? Tell us in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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