Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Vibrators and 'Pushing Boundaries' with Intimate New Netflix Series

"Sex can be a fascinating barometer for how honest you're being in your own life," says Gwyneth Paltrow, whose new Netflix show launches October 21

Gwyneth Paltrow's new Netflix series, Sex, Love & goop, may incite a few blushes, but in her mind, a little discomfort can be a good thing.

"I want to give everyone permission to be brave and connect with themselves and ask crazy questions," the Goop founder, 49, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. "Sex can be a fascinating barometer for how honest you're being in your own life."

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In the series, Paltrow, who is wed to producer Brad Falchuk, leads discussions with a group of five couples who are navigating issues from marriage intimacy to past sexual trauma and engaging in exercises and therapies to help them overcome their struggles.

"Repressing sexuality and specifically female pleasure has been a mechanism of control for a long time," says Paltrow. "I'm an advocate for women to listen to themselves and become close and intimate with themselves. It's time to undo those tropes. If a woman likes sex, there's nothing wrong with her!"

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In creating the show, Paltrow also confronted the notion of hiding from past wounds. "An astonishing percentage of women in our culture have had some degree of trauma. And it's something we very much need to name and talk about, because it can get stuck in the body."

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Continues Paltrow: "It's an acceptance of 'I went through something that was really out of alignment with what I felt was right. And in some ways there was a breach that left me feeling injured.' I think all of us have that to some degree."

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Goop's latest sex products — a libido enhancing supplement, called DTF and a self-heating vibrator — were created with the notion of women taking their sexuality into their own hands. "It's very common for libidos to fluctuate," says Paltrow, "Whether it's from exhaustion, too much responsibility, having kids or fluctuating hormones."

The vibrator was designed in a "fun and approachable way," she says. "You can leave it out on your counter!"

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Ultimately, Paltrow says she hopes Goop's show will "push boundaries" and create change, even for her.

"I am really interested in my own healing," says Paltrow, who is mom o Apple, 17 and Moses, 15 with her ex Chris Martin. "And I hope that whether it's with sexuality, diet, meditation or breathing, that we're always at the forefront of bringing interesting topics to light."

Sex, Love & goop premieres on Netflix Oct. 21.

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