Gwyneth Paltrow is celebrating the launch of her bath soaks in the most Goop-y way imaginable -- by posing in a tub

By Jackie Fields
January 25, 2018 01:38 PM
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Credit: courtesy of GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop beauty empire is expanding!

Just days ahead of the 45-year-old CEO’s upcoming wellness summit, Paltrow is introducing five therapeutic bath soaks that will have you clearing your calendar to maximize your me-time. Speaking to People exclusively, the lifestyle guru reveals that her latest innovation is inspired by her enthusiasm for the self-care ritual.

“I take a bath every single night — unless I’m somewhere where there is no bathtub,” says Paltrow, who continues that she developed the daily habit more than 20 years ago. “I started getting really into taking baths when I was probably 22 years old and did my first movie in London. It’s such a kind of damp cold there, a bath is the only thing that gets the cold out your bones. So, I started taking baths every night — and then I came home and I just never stopped.”

Since then her passion has become a passion project. “Over the course of time, from going to various countries where they use different oils, salts and other ingredients in baths, I got really interested in the therapeutic part of it, and wanted to create a bath line that really answered the needs of the modern person and that would kind of bring those incredible elements of nature into your bathtub.”

And now Paltrow a hand full of her very own bath soaks that provide next-level relief for various needs. Combining botanicals, essential oils, salts and minerals, she has created:

Credit: courtesy of GOOP

Phys. Ed.: Consider this apple cider vinegar, ginger and wintergreen mix your new go-to for comforting muscles post-workout.

G.Tox: This detoxifying soak contains activated charcoal, baking soda and Matcha green tea, among other ingredients for a cleansing effect.

Nurse!: With eucalyptus and manuka, it’s their remedy for when you’re feeling under the weather.

The Martini: Like a night cap, the Himalayan pink salt and sandalwood soak is meant to calm the mind and body, but there’s zero chance this indulgence will result in a hangover.

G, Nite: The remedy for restlessness, it blends lavender with soothing valerian root to relax the senses.

The bath soaks mark Paltrow’s first foray into body care. She previously launched an organic skin care collection, three fragrances (with complementary candles) and entered the wellness space with supplements and a drinkable, anti-oxidant-packed powder to promote glowy skin. This week, in addition to her soaks, Paltrow is launching her very first nail polish shade.

Credit: courtesy of GOOP

Paltrow, who founded Goop in 2008, revealed last June that she’d be taking a step back from acting to focus on more on her growing brand. “[Goop] really requires almost all of my time. I’m in the office all day, every day. I have a pretty big team — we’re almost 85 people — so I kind of need to be at work.”

Since her announcement, Paltrow has opened a standalone store, Goop Lab, as well as morphed her newsletter into a quarterly magazine, in which recently she opened up about the latest development in her personal life — her engagement to Brad Falchuk — as well as showed off her breathtaking engagement ring.

Paltrow’s bath soaks are $35 each. The assortment will be available on and her Goop Lab store.