And it's called Goop Label

By Sharon Kanter
Updated September 11, 2016 11:50 AM

Earlier this week, Gwyneth Paltrow told LinkedIn that her company goop “is on its way to being much bigger than I am.” Well, the next phase of the goop empire is already in place: Starting Monday, September 12, the actress and entrepreneur is launching her very own clothing line named goop Label on

Of course, has long been a place to go shopping for Gwyneth-approved items. Plus, she’s even dipped her hands in design before with custom goop collaborations with brands such as Stella McCartney, Alice + Olivia and Madewell. But now, much like the way she launched her own own skincare line earlier this year, she’s fully leading the charge on her own collection entirely.

The concept is simple: She’s going to release only a few styles per month, which she designs with a small group of designers and produces in Italy. Each piece is inspired by Paltrow’s own closet. “I wanted to create product that is incredibly high quality and delivered at a great value,” Paltrow says of the launch (shown wearing the pieces below).

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

“It was very important to me to make the clothes in the same way that all of my favorite designer clothing is made, which is in Italy, with beautifully loomed fabrics, incredible tailoring, and incredible attention to detail, but to be able to deliver those pieces at a third of the price,” she says.

So, what’s in her initial lineup? Scroll down to see Paltrow’s very first pieces.

Pattner Peak Label Blazer
Price: $695
What Gwyneth Says
: “I had a jacket years ago that I loved, that had a tie around the waist. I’d wear it tied when I wanted a more feminine silhouette, or without when I needed something straight and kind of boxy. I also wanted a perfect, timeless, tweed suit that also had really feminine touches, so there’s a little puff sleeve, and then epaulets, which make it a little bit military in a cool way.”

Courtesy of Goop
| Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Eliza Wide-Leg Culotte
What Gwyneth Says: “I’m a real suit girl, and September, to me, connotes getting back to work, getting back to your life and buckling down. For this particular version, I was very inspired by English schoolboy grey flannel suits—but with a feminine spin. I love culottes: I think they’re really flattering with high heels, and really versatile, either paired with the coordinating blazer or with a sweater or blouse.”

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Elise Chambray Button Down
Price: $195
What Gwyneth Says: “I love a great button-down. I wanted to provide a shirt with the suit, but I didn’t want to do a run-of-the-mill white shirt. I thought it would be fantastic to invent the perfect chambray shirt that’s a bit relaxed, in the way that chambray inherently is, but also had great structure and tailoring to it. It’s something I don’t see a lot.”

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Classic G. Tote
Price: $285
What Gwyneth Says: “As a busy working mom, tote bags are my life. I always wanted something that was like a classic tote but more finished and elevated: This is really roomy, but with sophisticated finishes, like beautiful white leather straps and the shoulder detail. It’s a great schlep-your- life-around bag.”

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

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