The wellness guru opens up about her latest product launch and more

By Jillian Ruffo
January 31, 2018 10:34 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow takes her beauty routine very seriously. The recently-engaged actress, wellness guru and mother of two launched an entire website — Goop — dedicated to sharing Paltrow-approved ways to live your life on the highest plane. She’s launched vitamins, skincare and fragrances that she says are designed to be good for you while also making you feel your best. And now, she’s adding one more product to her growing empire: Goop Baths bath salts. Because when Gwyneth Paltrow takes a bath, she does so in the most mindful way possible.

We spoke to the star about exactly why the ritual is such an important part of her everyday routine; after all, unless she’s “somewhere without a bathtub”, she always carves out some time for a soak — no exceptions.

“I take a bath every single night. I got really into taking them when I was 22 and shooting Emma in London,” she says. “I fell in love with the ritual of it—lighting a candle and having a cup of tea or a whiskey, depending on my day.”

For Paltrow, bathing before bed helps her to decompress and “wash the day off”. And despite being a busy mom, she says she feels no guilt about carving out an hour or so just to “daydream and not be on [my phone].”

“It’s non-negotiable. It’s just like, I do it every night,” she says. “My kids are welcome to come in and chat with me if they need to—it’s not like I’m in a meditation or something. But I just need that time and so I just take it. It’s really the only time I take for myself every single day regardless of what is going on.”

So it’s no surprise that when it came time to formulating her own salts, she took the process very seriously.

“Over the course of time in going to various countries where they use different salts, different oils and different ingredients in baths, I got really interested in the therapeutic part of a bath,” she explains. “Just for me personally, if I swim in the ocean that is dense with salt or a lake with algae or a stream, there’s just a feeling you get that you don’t get from being in a pool or in a shower. So I wanted to create a bath line that really answered the needs of the modern person and that would kind of bring those incredible elements of nature into your bathtub.”

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

Paltrow landed on 5 formulas, all made up with different ingredients to target various needs: “The Martini” (an emotional detox bath), “G.Nite” (for bedtime), “G.Tox” (detoxifying), “Phys. Ed.” (for physical recovery), and “Nurse!” (to boost the immune system). Each bag of salts is $35 and is available on

Now you, too, can relax as luxuriously as Paltrow does.

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— With reporting by Jackie Fields