Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Go Undercover as an Aesthetician and Spray Tanner

The actress pranked a few of her spa-going fans with the help of friend Derek Blasberg

Source: The Scene/Vanity Fair
Photo: Source: The Scene/Vanity Fair

As anyone who’s even given Goop a cursory scroll can tell you, Gwyneth Paltrow loves herself some complicated beauty procedures whether that comes in the form of a quick, refreshing vaginal steam or the slightly more complicated process of rounding up a bunch of bees for what sounds like a very painful facial. But for her friend Derek Blasberg’s new series for The Scene’s Derek Does Stuff with a Friend!, the actress experienced what life was like on the other side of that massage table, going undercover to play aesthetician for a few unsuspecting fans.

Since Gwyneth has experienced every type of spa procedure under the sun, you would think she’d be just as good at giving a facial as she is at getting one. But as Blasberg proved in his short Vanity Fair video, the GOOP CEO might want to stick with her day job. The actress started out her undercover mission by transforming into “Gwendoliere,” which mostly just consisted of putting on a Romanian accent and a pair of spa scrubs, and giving two millennial customers a “volcanic mountain blast nirvana” facial, which as Derek puts it, “is as good as it sounds.”

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The second stop on their undercover spa journey wasn’t quite as successful, however. For her follow-up transformation, Gwyneth tried her hand at organic spray tanning to middling success. After a quick tutorial on how to operate the machine, the actress quickly received her first customer who she proceeded to turn a troubling shade of orange. While her spray tan guinea pig took the unfortunate results in stride, she also wasn’t exactly thrilled to meet the movie star. However, the Oscar-winning actress finally got the response she truly deserves when playing the role of waitress at an organic restaurant a girl actually broke down into tears upon spotting her. After all, it’s not every day you get to eat pesticide-free greens straight from the hand of a Goop goddess.

Do you think Gwyneth should become a full-time spa employee or should she stick to her day job? Sound off below!

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