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June 20, 2017 12:23 PM

No matter what Gwyneth Paltrow does she can’t seem to help making a major statement while doing it. Not only did her acting prowess win her an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love, but she then went on to found a headline-making health and wellness website you may have heard of called Goop, which for better or worse has brought some pretty interesting, and questionable, holistic ideas into the mainstream, like bee-sting facials, vaginal steaming, yoni eggs, and, of course, conscious uncoupling (which if you somehow missed Paltrow’s attempt at completely rebranding the end of her relationship, that’s more or less just a fancy word for getting a divorce from her ex-husband Chris Martin). And now she’s causing people to buzz yet again, making the case for the little black bikini as the only piece of clothing you’ll need for summer 2017

While vacationing in St. Tropez on Monday, the Goop CEO indulged in a bit of sunbathing aboard a luxury yacht while wearing a black string bikini from designer Melissa Odabash‘s exclusive collaboration collection for her lifestyle website featuring a gold ring in the center of her chest and knotted bottoms with dangly gold aglets. But while the limited edition bathing suit is cute and all, there’s something else of note in this image, the distinct lack of permanent body art on Gwyneth’s left hip just above her bikini line. The actress reportedly got the letter C tattooed there in 2008 in honor of her then husband, but appears to have since had the piece removed following their divorce, sometime around April 2015.

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Considering it’s been three years since the pair announced the end of their 10-year marriage in March 2014, it makes sense that Martin has also gotten his own body art altered, choosing to change the context of the block letter G on his inner left bicep rather than getting it removed completely. The Coldplay frontman took a page from Johnny Depp’s book, turning the letter that once symbolized his ex into part of a full phrase, getting “GOD IS LOVE” written in a circle so that it can also be read backwards as “LOVE IS GOD.” Perhaps this pair of friendly exes can serve as an example that no matter how great your current relationship is or how amicable you’re sure your split with your S.O. will be, you might want to think twice before making your love tattoo-level permanent (ahem, Kylie and Travis).

What do you think, did Gwyneth get her tattoo removed? Have you had to fix a tattoo you regretted? How did you do it? Sound off below!

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