Gwen Stefani's 10-Year-Old Son Zuma Inspired Her Latest Eyewear Collection for Tweens and Teens!

The fashionable mommy-son duo just launched a line of streetwear-inspired tween/teen eyewear.

Gwen Stefani has built her brand around self-expression — from her rocker chic era as the lead singer of No Doubt, to her Harajuku girl-inspired looks in the early 2000’s, the famous mom of three loves to experiment with style.

And this month, Stefani, 49, launched a teen/tween eyewear collection called Zuma Rock in collaboration with her 10-year-old son Zuma Rossdale (who’s worn glasses for years) so he can do the same.

“If you go out and buy boy glasses, they’re all the same,” the pop icon tells PEOPLE. “Zuma is a little more boyish and doesn’t care as much [about his style]. But with the glasses, he does because it’s something he identifies with it. Everyone recognizes him with glasses, he needs the glasses.”

Gwen Stefani with her sons. Chris Polk/KCA2017/Getty Images

In partnership with Tura Inc. (and available on the line features edgy streetwear-inspired designs like checkerboard and camo print, faded material and sporty racing stripes. Stefani’s skateboarder-meets-high fashion personal style — which Zuma has picked up over the years — peeks through.

“Some kids feel it’s sort of a punishment to have to wear glasses in the first place,” Stefani tells PEOPLE. “When you find a style you get compliments about, it makes you feel so good. That’s why we wanted to do with this line.”

zuma rock glasses

The Voice judge, who also founded fashion line L.A.M.B. and eyewear line gx by Gwen Stefani, continues, “Even in our own small collection I saw [Zuma] evolve from wearing a formal glasses, to a little more fun and risky glasses. He wouldn’t be ready to go to school unless he wore the fun ones.”

The singer tells PEOPLE she was initially disappointed she never had a girl to dress up, but says all of her boys, Zuma, Kingston Rossdale (13) and Apollo Rossdale (5), have taken an interest in style over the years.

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Stefani with Zuma and Apollo. Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

“I actually ended up having so much fun dressing them up to the point where they grew into their own style,” Stefani tells PEOPLE. “Kingston has always been the most stylish. He always knew exactly what he wanted to wear. Luckily he always picked really kind of cool outrageous stuff. He’s really into brands and has a real strong personality and opinion [about what he wears].”

But it doesn’t sound like boyfriend Blake Shelton, 42, will be weighing-in on eyewear designs anytime soon — “He doesn’t wear any glasses or sunglasses ever,” Stefani says.

In 2017, Shelton opened up to PEOPLE about his love for Stefani’s sons with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

“There’s days where you go, ‘Oh my God, when does school start?’” he said. “An hour later you’re going, ‘God, I can’t wait ’til they get home.’ ”

“They’re so damn funny,” Shelton added. “It’s just my first time being around it, and it’s easy to fall in love with those kids. They’re pretty special.”

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