The singer shared a surprisingly pared down glimpse of herself pre-bed

By Emily Kirkpatrick
May 13, 2016 01:01 PM

If there’s one thing synonymous with Gwen Stefani aside from her powerful singing voice, it’s surely her penchant for a neon bright lip and a highly complicated, futuristic up-do. So seeing the singer totally makeup-free will never not be a surprising occurrence, to say the least.

Gwen Stefani/Instagram

The Voice
coach posted an au naturel shot of herself to her Instagram account on Thursday night, sharing a casual, yet intimate glimpse of her face pre-bedtime. Gwen not only went totally sans cosmetics, but she didn’t even bother to de-bedhead her hair, leaving her peroxide blonde mane effortlessly tousled, adding to the disarming effect of this snap.

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And for those who may have thought all of Gwen’s head-turning makeup looks were meant as some kind of distraction rather than a form of personal expression, this photo proves her complexion is not only totally flawless, but also completely ageless. If the singer plans to divulge her reverse-aging beauty secrets any time soon, allow us to take this opportunity to say we’ll be first in line to find out how to freeze our faces in time, that is, right after we finish up quietly crooning “Forever Young” to Gwen’s latest selfie.

How do you think of Gwen’s makeup-free moment? 

–Emily Kirkpatrick