Gwen Stefani Has One Celeb in Mind for Her Latest Eyewear Launch (Spoiler: It's Oprah!)

"It's something that you wouldn't find everywhere," Stefani tells PEOPLE of her spring/summer 2019 eyewear collection

When Gwen Stefani‘s not busy in the studio, she’s probably working on new designs for her beloved fashion brand L.A.M.B., which she founded over 16 years ago in 2003.

Her latest launch: The spring/summer 2019 collection for her L.A.M.B. (sunglasses) and gx by Gwen Stefani (optics) eyewear lines, which the multi-hyphenate star described as “really colorful, really fun and to the left.”

“It’s something that you wouldn’t find everywhere,” Stefani tells PEOPLE. “They still have that edgy, weird ‘Where did you get those?’ vibe.”

Courtesy Tura Inc.

This marks Stefani’s fourth collection (she launched eyewear in January 2016), and according to the star, it’s her favorite yet.

“I’ve always been a sunglasses junkie, and I’ve been so blessed because through the years, I’ve had so many amazing designers send me sunglasses,” she shares. “For whatever reason, people see me as a person that would wear anything, so I’ve always had the craziest glasses.”


Stefani says teaming up with the eyewear brand Tura Inc. in 2016 for her lines made her dream of designing glasses a reality.

“They just really understand who I am,” she shared. “To be able to do eyewear at this point is something that is timely in my life, because I really need glasses, and I really actually hate wearing glasses,” she adds. “I feel like probably how everyone else feels. I feel like I don’t want to wear them because I have to wear them, you know what I mean? But being able to design them and mix in my passion for fashion has changed that.”

Her go-to optic style? Anything tortoise, which she thinks looks “very rich and expensive.”

Courtesy Tura Inc.

As for her favorite L.A.M.B. sunglasses right now, Stefani is all about the floral print oversize “Gretel” rounds this season.

“I just love the shape so much,” she shares. “It’s so me.”

Courtesy Tura Inc.

As for which celebrity she’d love to see in her latest eyewear drop, there’s one glasses-wearing expert that comes to mind: Oprah Winfrey.

“She’s definitely a queen, and the queen of eyewear,” Stefani gushes. “She knows how to do it, because she doesn’t stick to one look, and she’s always mixing it up, but she’s bold.”

Photo Image Press/Splash News Online; Araya Diaz/WireImage

Adds Sefani: “She’s a perfect example of somebody that wears eyewear that reflects who she is. She’s not just one thing. She’s all those versions, and so I think she’s a really good person to — I need to send her some glasses.”

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