The star is taking on a new clothing line

By Alex Apatoff
January 06, 2014 09:17 PM

Donato Sardella

Ladies, prepare to have your style paradigm altered once again: Gwen Stefani is at the helm of yet another clothing line. The singer (and soon-to-be mom of three) has teamed up with denim legend Michael Glasser for a new label, DWP (Design With Purpose), which is devoted to bringing her cool aesthetic and his elevated-basics expertise to pieces like slouchy, cropped trousers.

“I was trying to get all the basics,” Stefani said in an interview with WWD. “Michael nailed the bottoms. For tops, I was trying to think about what I wear besides a tank top. I love cuffed-up sleeves, tops that are long in front and short in back. And we did a jumpsuit and a dress to fill in the gaps.”

This marks Stefani’s third foray into the clothing business — her high-end line L.A.M.B. is nearly ten years old, and Harajuku Lovers is a little younger than that. That’s not including her partnerships with OPI and active apparel line Burton and — oh yeah, making music and raising her sons. But she enjoys the challenge.

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Donato Sardella

“The techniques are very complicated, and I don’t think they’ve ever been used on these kinds of fabrics,” Stefani says of learning the denim business through Glasser and translating it into their new collection. “But the actual designs are very simple because it’s all about everyday wear. So that’s different and new.”

You can check out the DWP collaboration at; expect to see lots of tapered, roomy pants, drapey tanks and zippered vests not unlike what you might see Stefani wearing in her everyday life.

What do you think of her latest endeavor? Will you check out DWP when it hits stores this spring?

–Alex Apatoff