Gwen Stefani Has a Lipstick Line in the Works - and She's Her Own Best Tester!

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Pucker up! Gwen Stefani‘s already filled your shoe, clothing and perfume wardrobes, and now she’s looking to take over your makeup bag.

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“I am working on some lipsticks,” Stefani told PEOPLE Tuesday afternoon at SoHo House West Hollywood, where she announced the date of her upcoming concert for MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises. “This red that I’m wearing right now is a prototype.”

The star is certainly no stranger to bold beauty looks, but up until she became her own best lip model (and formula tester), there were some hues that simply just weren’t for her.

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“I wear so many different shades, but I’m not super into the orange-reds,” says PEOPLE Magazine’s “Style Icon”, who says she wears all different brands of lipstick too. “I have investigated them lately a lot.”

And as her career keeps morphing, the rocker/mom/designer/Voice host says her current style is just an advanced version of her old-school looks. “I’m kind of always evolving, but I think that style is also your personality, so I’m always going to be the same person,” Stefani says. “What I wore in a high school is a version of what I wear now. I still love Hollywood glamour; I still love everything old school.”

One more thing that’s just like it was in high school? Her surprise every time she hits the red carpet. “This is so weird. What am I doing here? Who am I?” Stefani says of her thoughts when the flashbulbs start popping.

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Gwen Stefani’s Changing Looks

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