Guess! Which Sexy Actress is Baring It All in Ads?

Courtesy Vaseline

Back in September, Hilary Duff, Minnie Driver and Kim Raver bared their body for Vaseline’s “Skin is Amazing” campaign to raise awareness for skin diseases. Now this new actress joins their ranks with these sexy shots of her favorite body part. Can you guess the star? We’ll give you a hint: Don’t let this leading lady’s petite frame fool you — she can stand up to vampires and house haunting demons with ease. If you love these shots, you can bid on these celebs’ one-of-a-kind autographed photographs in the Vaseline “Skin is Amazing” auction, with proceeds of the auction benefitting the Coalition of Skin Diseases. Bid from February 12th – 22nd on Click through to the next page to find out who’s baring their skin!

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Courtesy Vaseline

Answer: Sarah Michelle Gellar!

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