"We didn't realize that she was wearing maternity jeans," a Topshop spokesperson tells PEOPLE

By Brittany Talarico
Updated June 23, 2015 06:36 PM

Stonehenge. Area 51. Princess Kate‘s skinny jeans. Of the world’s great mysteries, that last one has at least been solved.

Princess Kate Skinny JEans


Kate bloggers and royal style fans alike were left in a state of despair last week when a pair of jeans worn by Kate to a polo match on June 14 proved tricky to ID. After frontrunner brand Topshop denied the pair was from the label, we were completely stumped.

But now, we can confirm that Kate did buy her Moto Blue “Leigh” maternity jeans from the London-based high street label — and they’re a rewear!

The confusion stemmed from Kate’s cleverly disguised waistband.

“We didn’t realize that she was wearing maternity jeans,” a spokesperson for Topshop tells PEOPLE. “An older style of these maternity jeans were sent to Kate when she was pregnant with Prince George and she is re-wearing them.”

A slightly updated version of the jeans is available for $70.

Meanwhile, the founder of Kate’s striped ME + EM Breton top (and the designer behind that clever waistband-concealing fabric) says that ever since Kate’s appearance at polo, things have been “crazy” — with the company logging 5,000 orders for the $76 striped shirt.

“There’s nothing like the ‘Duchess of Cambridge Effect’ — it’s bigger than anything,” ME + EM founder Clare Formby, whose designs are favorites of Cara Delevingne and Rosamund Pike, tells PEOPLE. The top is on back-order until the end of September.

The British designer credits the top’s cotton/lyocell fabric for its success, revealing, “It’s very high density so it holds its shape, and there’s ruching around the waistline too — it hides where the waistband meets the torso.”

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–Monique Jessen

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