April 25, 2016 05:15 PM

The only thing more delightful than celebrating Mother’s Day with the wonderful women who gave us life (and then taught us everything we need to know about beauty) is seeing how the team at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop plans to toast their own moms. Paltrow famously kicked off her site’s gift guides with $45 cashmere socks, and we can reliably count on her to round up a mix of truly practical “Mom will love that” items and truly insane “HOW much for a sweater?!” finds. And she didn’t disappoint.

Courtesy Goop

Hopefully Moses and Apple have been saving their (organic, naturally sweetened) lemonade stand money, because there are picks for the “Globe Trotting Mom,” the “Experiential Mom” and the mom who loves a personal touch — all three categories which definitely apply to Paltrow herself. And while there are a handful of under-$50 finds (like a silk eye mask, a BeautyCounter face spray and monogrammed napkins), there are also some pretty pricey picks perfect for the globe trotting life experiencer who loves a monogram in your life.

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On the “wallet-busting” end of the personalized gift spectrum: A $10,500 Hoorsenbuhs monogram ID bracelet, an $867 Bare Collection Zodiac-sign pendant, a $480 Louis Vuitton passport cover and a $125 plastic handbag charm (to say nothing of the “price varies” pieces from Goyard and Thea Jewelry). There’s also an $850 pair of Stubbs & Wooton slippers (pictured) which are perfect for the mom who might run into Warren Buffett when she goes out to get the paper.

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Similarly fancy for the globe-trotter: A $699 retro-vibes Fujifilm camera, a $1,235 Eddie Harrop carry-on, three toothbrushes for $18 and a $10,000 pair of binoculars. And while there is a $1,295 Michael Kors Collection gray sweater (yes, we said gray sweater, pictured above), you can also be a little more budget-friendly with a J.Crew sun hat, $76 beach blanket and a $225 Theory leather belt bag (pictured above; as Goop says, “Finally, a fanny pack we actually want to wear!”).

And if you’re ready to go above and beyond the awesome spa deals we secured for you (they’re all here!) you can secure mom a Louis Vuitton traveler (a mere $2,200) to take her to Meadowood in Napa; you can buy her $71.66 golden scissors to trim fresh herbs; or you can pick her up a $146 Stella McCartney four-finger-ring phone case (pictured above) to make sure everyone knows she’s a cool mom, not a regular mom. Gwyneth has also taken the time to come up with clean beauty products and a $175 spice set to take any and all guesswork out of shopping.

What do you want to buy for your mom?

— Alex Apatoff

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