We can only express ourselves through the magic of GIFs

By jsoper07
Updated January 13, 2014 04:52 PM

Courtesy Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty

Every year during awards season, there are celebrity style and beauty moments that give us such strong reactions that we can only express ourselves through the magic of GIFs. Check out the moments from last night’s Golden Globes that had us shocked, laughing or just downright confused.

When Emma Watson turned around to show us the back of her dress … and it was PANTS.

Credit: giphy/simplyaginggracefully

Seeing Sofia Vergara‘s chest in her gown…

Credit: imgur/lizzbiobizz

When we got a good look at Sarah Hyland’s dress on the red carpet…

Credit: giphy/reddit

When we saw all the Twitter comments about Lena Dunham’s yellow gown

Credit: giphy/shawnasgonnagif

When Margot Robbie stunned us with her custom Gucci gown

Credit: giphy/happygiftimes

That typical J.Law moment when she dropped her bracelet

Credit: giphy/animalygifs

Trying to figure out what was on Megan Mullally’s arms

Credit: giphy/reactiongifs

When Emma Thompson threw her Christian Louboutins offstage, she was like…

Credit: giphy/reddit

And we were like…

Credit: giphy/reeanderson

Jared Leto’s man bun

Credit: giphy/backrowofthemovies

Paula Patton being devoured by a giant ruffle

Credit: giphy/miscgifs

And our favorite style moment of the night: When Lupita Nyong’o stepped out onto the red carped in that Ralph Lauren dress

Credit: giphy/legendary

Of course, we couldn’t contain ourselves…

Credit: giphy/guh-gifgarden

What was your most emotional style moment of the night? Tell us in the comments below!

–John Soper